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The Willow Creek Ag Society... How it All Started

The Willow Creek Agriculture Society (WCAS) was organized and registered on February 23, 1953. We were originally registered as the Argyle Agricultural Society; changing to WCAS on February 16th, 1966. Starting in its original location in the Town of Claresholm it has been a sport equine facility right from the beginning, with grandstands, bucking chutes and a race track. In the early 1970’s the town was growing rapidly and the Town of Claresholm required the land that the equine facility occupied in order to build more residences. The facility was relocated where it presently sits at SW 35 12 27 W4, next to Highway # 2.

Claresholm AgriplexThe Claresholm Agriplex (owned and operated by WCAS) has been successfully operating since its grand opening on June 27th, 1977. Since this time it has been one of the hubs of western equine activity in the province of Alberta and a destination spot for competitors from Western Canada and the Northwest U.S.A.

In order to see the vision of the Claresholm Agriplex come to fruition two organizations joined forces in the early 70’s. The Claresholm Stampede and Fair Association and the Willow Creek AG. Society recognized the advantage of joining forces to get an indoor equine facility built in the Town of Claresholm. These two groups amalgamated to form the Willow Creek Agricultural Society. The two groups recognized the importance of a usable sports equine facility for the Province of Alberta and designed it to be as such. Since the beginning of the project the facility has been used to host both local and provincial events.

The existing building was started in 1975 at the new location. This early vision by the original members of the WCAS and the Claresholm Stampede and Fair Association lead it to being one of the first entirely equine indoor small town facilities to be built in the province. With the expanding horse industry in the province happening at this time the timing of the construction of this building proved to be one of the most valuable resources for the equine industry. Having one of the first indoor buildings as well as being situated in horse friendly southern Alberta, the Agriplex has enjoyed many successes in the equine industry. The WCAS and the Claresholm Agriplex are involved in many aspects of the equine industry from Team Roping, Team Penning, Cutting, Horse Shows, Dressage, Pony Club, Horse and Beef 4-H, Equine clinics, Wrangler Rodeo (12 yrs and Under), High School Rodeo (13 and over), Girls Rodeo (all female), Amateur Rodeo (not professional), Stock Horse Shows as well as many individual riders. The WCAS and the Claresholm Agriplex has been the hub of equine activities in the province of Alberta since it opened.

The majority of the events held at the Claresholm Agriplex are held during the weekend. During the week – especially during the winter months; individual riders fill the Arena working with their horses. We the WCAS Board of Directors have defined the need for a second indoor equine facility and a new barn to compliment the existing programs we are currently able to offer at the Claresholm Agriplex.
Our Mission
Our Purpose is to encourage improvement in the equine and beef ag community, assist in the improvement of quality of life and leadership in our community and to manage the WCAS property and facilities successfully.

We achieve these goals by sponsoring local 4H clubs and local exhibitions where recognition of achievement is acknowledged, contributing to scholarships within the MD of Willow Creek, supporting and cooperating with community groups and by promoting all community events and programs at the WCAS facilities.

The WCAS is committed to supporting, promoting and preserving the local agricultural industry in spite of expanding urbanization, as well as escalating the economic health and vitality of Claresholm and area.

Our Vision
Our vision is that within the next 5 years WCAS will continue to be one of the leaders in the equine industry by expanding its facilities to accommodate double the amount of events and programs currently available to the community by expanding our facilities to include a 2nd indoor riding arena/facility and additional livestock housing and pens.

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